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Just returned, well 3 weeks ago now from my post-new year travel! Can't believe January is almost over (thank god) only this holiday got me through it I think! Although I was prepared a little by being in the mountains its been a cold month & I'm looking forward to a more positive February, my favourite month for mainly birthday-related reasons but also its a I feel it's a month of optimism and the end of winter (hopefully)! 

Anyway I was lucky enough to go skiing again this year which added to my already favorite collection of skiing memories & holidays! This year I went with my lovely mum to Lech in Austria, a quiet and beautiful counterpart to the rowdier St Anton. I thought the centre was so cute, and everything easy to get to. Especially loved the main Strolz shop, it's like a mini harrods in the middle of the mountains! Beautiful sweeping staircases with golden details. We also sampled a few of the cute pizzerias & après ski at Pfeffercorns Hotel. 

The skiing was just beautiful the first couple of days, it had been snowing 10 days prior to our arrival and the conditions were great, got our skiing legs back & navigated round the slopes with ease! I particularly recommend the Weisse Ring and Zurs area, an even more exclusive resort than Lech but with beautiful long red runs and just as empty if not more! The Ring takes you through this resort and another small village and you end up back in Lech, the runs are amazing as once your on them there's no way but to ski down to the next village with no lifts going back up, it really makes you feel like your on top of the world but you have the comfort of still being on piste. 

Our hotel was centrally located and decorated in a traditional style, not much can be said for the food but the spa and huge room we had made up for this. On our night out we had to do meat fondue, well when in Austria. We took the cable car to OberLech a small village just up the mountain to find a cosy and cute hotel with gorgeous furnishings & wearing traditional dress. I really got a sense of the real austria, as well as a real personal touch to the service. The meat fondue was just so nice with a selection of sauces topped of with plenty of Prosecco! 

Overall an amazing holiday I would recommend this resort for a quiet and empty skiing experience with luxury touches such a heated leather chairlift seats, chilled après ski, plenty of lovely small chalet hotels mostly with spas and gorgeous restaurants. 

Katey xo


  1. You look great! You should post more


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