My first time visiting South East Asia, I was eased in gently, despite the chaos of Bali's roads with its millions of scooters, there was a relative familiarity in this area of the island. Seminyak's development has been vast, with huge beachfront hotels taking up residency along the famous surfing beach in Kuta and beyond.

Right in the middle of this, are a collection of streets, full of market shops & restaurants, in the area of Legian. Away from the craziness of Kuta but much more laid back than the swanky beach resorts along the coast in Seminyak.

Don't get me wrong, I also loved the upmarket vibe of central Seminyak but this area was a lot more what I imagined Bali to be like when surf-loving Aussies first started arriving here. Which brings me on to my top 5...

1. Surf's Up!

Surfing is an institution in this part of Bali, with a huge choice of surf hire available at only 150 rupiah (£1.80) an hour, so if you're a beginner its a good place to give it a go! Definitely wouldn't call myself a surfer but having been a few times in the freezing water off the English coast I thought I'd try it out in warmer climes. The locals certainly make it look a lot easier (& more elegant) than it is, the main battle being against the huge waves (which look a lot smaller from the beach bars). I managed to stand once or twice but not going to lie I wiped out pretty much straight away, back to dry land for me..

2. Grab a cocktail & a bean bag

Talking of dry land, the beach bars along Kuta beach are one of my favourite things about this area, bean bags for days, serving Bintang & cocktails. I recommend going down at least an hour before sunset to get a prime seat as the beach gets packed at sunset. Considering the view you get, the drinks along these bars are fairly reasonable (but expensive for Bali in general) a small Bintang for around £2 and cocktails £4-£5. Stay at one of these casual bars for some food too, nothing better than eating fresh fish and seafood whilst you look out over the Indian Ocean.

3. Potato Head Beach club

One of many luxury beach clubs along Seminyak beach, I'm sure if you've ever researched Bali you would have seen this one come up. With its iconic curved structure, it certainly is one place you can't miss if staying in this area, complete with an arena-style drinks area and beachfront infinity pool.

I was worried it would be slightly pretentious but it's actually the perfect mix of chill with high quality service and cocktails. Considering the setting, it is pretty good value, where else would you get a cocktail for £5 with an infinity pool? You can certainly while away the afternoon here, it is also perfect for a few pre-drinks before heading out to sample the Seminyak nightlife (I recommend La Favela if you want to party into the late hours!)

4. Wander the never ending streets..

There is a lot of shopping in Seminyak, and by a lot I seriously mean A LOT, you can wander for hours browsing the various stores on offer. There are western branded shopping areas in central, but as you go further south you start to see more local businesses selling all sorts of clothing, the usual tourist bits and handmade crafts.

5. Tacos at Sea Circus

After a long (and exhausting) beach walk in the heat from Legian, we were desperate for a drink and some food, this is one of the first places we stumbled on from the coast, its enticing bright colours and murals on the outside and the prospect of eating in air-conditioning inside we couldn't resist some western food.

This place has an amazing selection of Mexican food, smoothies and juices - just what we needed! All in a cool setting too with quick service. Expensive by Bali standards but still only a few pound for a main meal.

Katey x

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