I thought packing a backpack for 3 weeks was hard enough, until I had to pack for travelling and moving to the other side of the world for 18 months. This is definitely not an 'essential' backpacking list, maybe aimed more at the over-packer..?
I am using the Osprey Farpoint 80 in grey, which works out to be about 75 litres in the S/M version. This may seem excessive but I added some nicer items for living in Australia as well as visiting family in Dubai and Singapore. Anyway, here's what I packed..

Make up bag:

Luckily make up is not something I hoard too much of,  I had to fit everything into my everyday make up bag, here's some of my essentials..


Managed to fit everything into this AMAZING toiletry bag I grabbed off eBay, it has a million pockets, waterproof outer and a hook (essential for those who are backpacking through hostels).

Essentials: I always make sure I carry insect repellent, suncream, aloe vera cream (for burns, bruises & aches) and a first aid kit too!


I know carrying an extra towel can seem like a hassle but I find it an essential, micro-fibres are great for days at the beach and the pool but not all hostels provide towels and I just find I need an extra that dries me better too!

My other key items here are a day bag (not your carry on) just to throw a towel, camera, suncream in etc... as well as a small bum bag for evenings and sight-seeing. I got mine from Mi-Pac. There's also a mini pillow - great for those long bus/plane journeys or an extra at a hostel.

Tech Accessories:
Selfie Stick
Mini Octopus Tripod
Waterproof Camera Case


For my clothing, I bought these amazing packing cubes off eBay! Such a bargain and have been so useful to pack with, they will also keep me so organised on the road as well. The largest one I packed all my tops, t-shirts & vests, then dresses and playsuits in another and skirts/shorts in the final one. (I also added in a pair of jeans in case its cooler in the evenings when I'm travelling north in Asia)

In the 3 zip cases I put underwear, sportswear and bikinis, in addition to this all I put in was a denim jacket (couldn't leave home without this!), a waterproof jacket, sandals and trainers. 

Carry on:

Finally, I won't go through everything in my carry on, but obviously passport (with a cover to carry documents and copies), purse (I got some different currencies out before I went, including dollars for land border crossings), make up wipes, anti-bac and tissues, charger & adaptor and power bank (I bought this one, highly recommended as it gives you about 3/4 full iPhone charges!).

 I also have a small bag for all my spare cables, headphones, adaptors etc.. and then finally my laptop (I got hold of this small one, from Asus, it weighs less then 1kg - perfect for travelling!). Oh also I always carry a small scarf in my bag - can be used as a blanket, pillow or wrap, plus a face mask! (I hate sleeping with any type of light on!)

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